Witty Shadows


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A passionate click and then struck a dream, And, viola! I am living it with my team.

Started from ground zero and now we are here. Combating all the looming insecurities and struggles that we recollect gladly, that we were part of them. Looking back it just seems a right play of toil and destiny that has brought us to this point of no return and a journey uphill. Witty Shadows is a byproduct of three individual trails that intertwined multiple times!

Being those resilient yet mischievous batch mates, who indulged in with great frolic in techniques and paraphernalia of photography, working every now and then to attain that immaculate shot, putting up efforts to be each other’s arm, abating divergences in work as well as on the personal front to this team of professionals that staunchly believes in achieving the best.

As time progressed and the training winded up, we geared up for new endeavours and designed our caliber commensurate to the roles we desired to take. It never came off as easy as it apparently sounds in words. Heeding the lessons of failure we started carving a path for ourselves. Be it freelancing or working on one’s own establishment or taking up a job – we had a static life where hardships went beyond the daylight. Pushing our boundaries, starting the day with plans and ending it with a positive vibe that the upcoming day will be better and brighter – we survived all those bitter sweet experiences that came our way.

It was in 2010 that the three of us united and a single immutable thought crossed our minds. There was something pious in that moment and decision that led to the conception of what we all have amongst us alive and kicking, Witty Shadows. Our brainchild stands closest to our hearts, serving you all with a gamut of services revolving from corporate shoots to baby shoots, wedding photography services to birthday shoots. We plan to improvise and expand our range of work.

Our persistence brought us here and your love and support was the icing on the cake, this journey stands futile devoid the people who trusted and invested in us, kudos to the witty family!

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